moiThat’s me !

(What you need more information ? )

Well, i’m a Sitecore Developer at Sidewalk. I’ve already done a lot of projects for customers and now i’m feel comfortable with Sitecore. This is why i created this blog to share my experience and stuff that I made.

I’m interested in everything in Sitecore but my main interest for now are : xDB (DMS), improve the cms / create new functionalities.

You can follow me on Twitter @bazijoba


I’ve participated to the Sitecore Hackathons with Robin Hermanussen and Drazen Janicek. We made the Sitecore Content Usage Tools which can be downloaded on the marketplace.

I’ve also created a module called Sitecore Datasource Indexer which is also available on the marketplace

Sitecore MVP

This year (The Year 2015) I’m also Sitecore MVP Technology.

I’m really proud of that and I hope i’ll continue to work with Sitecore in the future which is really great platform and which got a really cool community !

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