Join the Sitecore Chat !

Hey guys !

Two days ago, on Twitter, we’ve decided to create a Slack for the Sitecore community.

For those who don’t know slack, it’s a free platform with features like

  • Group conversations
  • File Sharing
  • Contextual search
  • Integration with tools like Bitbucket, Twitter,
  • … and other stuff (go on Slack to discover all the features – more feature if you pay)

What interested us here was the Group conversations feature. We have already a good forum – we have twitter but no real chat !


As you can see, there are already 5 channels where we can talk about a specific topic or the general which you can use during your hard session of #SitecoreScrum 😉


Come and share your experience or just come to speak with other peoples to get to know them better !









So, if you are interested to join us on slack, please send me your email to get invited or you can tweet @akshaysura13 or @mike_i_reynolds or @adamnaj


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