Issue with the Sitecore Search button in the Page Editor when you get multiple language in Sitecore 7.2

If like us, you are using bucket to store pages or maybe you get a big architecture and using the Navigation bar is really heavy.

It exist the Search Button in the page editor which will give you the possibility to search for an item and then redirect you (or your content editor) to a specific item!



Well, if your website is in English, there is no problem 😉

if you got multiple languages, it become a problem because you’ll always be redirect to the English version even if you are in another language.

So, i was able to identify where the problem was (the command behind this button is the webedit:search) but then no idea on how to pass the language to the Search command so I contacted the support for some help.


So they send me a patch (You can ask the patch ticket : 423128).

What does the patch ?

It take the language from the context item and well … it retrieve the item which you selected in this language.

I think it’s a good solution for us now, but it will be great to be redirected in the language of the item selected. (So if you choose an item in English the page editor reload the website with your site in English, if you are in English and select an item in French, it will reload the page editor in French, etc … )

When we select an item in the dialog box of the search, only the id is set; and maybe a new structure with the language will help us to solve that in the future 😉 (Something like in the screenshot below)


Anyway, thanks to Yuriy Zakharov and Paul Stupka for their help in this issue.

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